The Numbers Are In

For those of you who are data nerds like myself, you may enjoy seeing some of the raw data behind our Semester by the Numbers post last week. Some of these numbers are estimates, so assume there is a small margin of error in there. Either way, if you like quantitative data, you may like our full year in review via numbers. (As a side note, the last blog was just the past semester, and the numbers have been slightly revised since, mostly based on the online syllabi for renal that did not get incorporated into the original count.)

Stats for the Year


As for the Rest

Please fill out the RedCap for your favorite professors in the next day or two.

If you are still on campus, clean up your carrel a bit. You do NOT have to clean out your carrel, but maybe take out anything that can attract ants over the summer.

Otherwise, have a great summer!

Katherine and Reed


Farewell to MS1 Year

This Semester By The Numbers

# of Syllabus Pages: 2,476 (for reference, the Bible is 1,200 pages on avg)

# of Lecture Hours: 222

# of Unique Professors: 111

# of Class Blog Posts (for the year): 58

Weeks of Class: 20

# of Quizzes: 15

# of Intra-Class Couples: 11-ish?

# of TBLs: 10

# of Cabinet Meetings: 9

Days of Class Left: 5

# of Simulations: 4

# of Spring Break Global Health Trips: 3

Number of salad bar businesses at the South Campus food court: 2

Years of Medical School Completed: 1

Student Profile

This guy may have received the most shout-outs on the blog this year. He is involved in so many groups on campus – a new Pre-OP Committee Member, Lymph Notes, Test Committee, and likely many more. We could not run the student government without him. Give it up for Arjun Aggarwal!

IMG_1153Hometown: Sugar Land, TX. But I was born in Mumbai, India and grew up there till I was 8, when my family moved to Houston, TX.
Interests: I’ve been surrounded my music my entire life. Every member on my dad’s side plays some instrument and I’ve been learning ever since I can remember. I recently also started doing some music production work (I post my mixes to soundcloud! I started singing in middle school and love A Cappella music! I’ve done some really cool stuff with A Cappella at my undergrad, UT Dallas, but now I’m doing even cooler stuff with Lymph Notes, our very own UTSW A Cappella group.
Interests in Medicine: I am and have always been interested in Neurosurgery! Things like Ortho and Plastics also pique my interests, but I’m still pretty sure about neuro.
Fun fact: For the longest time, I wanted to be an aerospace engineer, and I actually still have an interest in it. I’m your typical geek that loves watching documentaries about space and astrophysics and learning about space flight. Who knows, maybe I’ll decide to go into space medicine?

Important Things

  • Faculty Excellence Reception Part IIA
    • The RedCap Ballot will come out on Tuesday
      • Vote for your favorite profs from this semester
      • The Reception will not take place until Nov/Dec, but we need votes before we break for summer
      • You will have 1 week to fill it out
    • We encourage you to do it as a group so you can remember who all of our profs were. If you want specific stats on how many lectures certain profs taught, we have all that data analyzed, so just ask us!
    • It will only take 3 minutes to fill out; that’s not even long enough for a real study break, so please VOTE!
  • UWorld Class Discount
    • We have had about half of our class respond to the survey. If you have not filled it out, here is the link: UWorld Survey
    • We are moving on this as quickly as possible, but are dealing with the UTSW bureaucracy before we can figure out payments.
    • Expect an email on this soon!

Review of Meetings

  • SLC lunch with Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (DIA) representatives to receive general updates on their progress this year with DIA Forums and Lunch & Learn discussions
  • They are forming Sub-Committees and if interested contact our DIA class officers (listed at bottom)
    • Pre-OP Committee
    • Diversity in MedEd Committee
    • Diversity in Research Committee
    • Campus Relations Committee
  • The DIA representatives have worked with Dr. Shawna Nesbitt to create an anonymous form to gather information and insight into UTSW’s climate toward diversity and inclusion. This is NOT a forms to cite incidents of inappropriate behavior (those should go to Dr. Mihalic). However, if you have any feedback for DIA Representatives, here is the link: Form
  • The Graduate School DIA Reps have collected data on campus climate toward diversity and inclusion via a survey. We are currently weighing the pros and cons of developing a survey for the medical school.
  • Our class DIA Reps are Evan Wright, Vanessa Norris, and Anisha Ganguly. Feel free to reach out to them with questions or feedback.

This Week

  • Monday: Small Group Path + Quiz
  • Tuesday: TBL
  • Colleges: CBL
  • Friday: Renal Exam at 0900
  • Summer!

Time for Fun in the Sun,

Katherine and Reed

(Ca)rreling All The Way

As Wes announced last week, we will be staying in our carrels next semester AND will have access to them over the summer. I hope this is great news for everyone!

For our student of the week, we have one half of our curriculum dream team, a Surgical Transplant Society leader, and a secret gymnast with a sick back flip (drumroll)

Student Profile: Mikey Kutschke

MikeyHometown – Brampton, ON, Canada, which is just outside Toronto, but I only lived there until I was 3 years-old. I grew up just north of here in McKinney, and I recently celebrated my 5-year American citizen anniversary!

Interests in general – I got my first pair of ice skates when I was 2 years-old (Canadian stereotypes are true) and played competitive travel hockey until I started high school. At that point, I picked up a couple of obscure sports like ultimate frisbee (shout out to the UTSW intramural champs!) and diving. In college I got really into skiing, cycling, and hiking…so basically if it has anything to do with not studying and involves being outside, I’m all for it!
Interests in medicine – If my general interests didn’t give any hints, I feel pretty set on orthopaedic surgery. I’ve also had six orthopaedic surgeries, so I’m pretty familiar with being a patient. I’m trying to keep an “open mind” but my mind is really open to ortho. We’ll see what happens.
Fun facts – I was a door-to-door salesman for a DirecTV retailer for two summers—yes door-to-door sales still exists. I spent one summer in Oklahoma and this most recent summer in Ohio. Getting chased by pit bulls, hanging out in homes that should have been featured on the TV show “Hoarders”, and dealing with gun threats definitely made for an interesting experience. The funny thing is I actually don’t like television and have never had DirecTV.

Review of Meetings

  • First off, congrats to Reed Macy for being appointed as the student representative on the Campus Master Plan Committee
  • What is the Campus Master Plan?
    • UTSW is working with a consulting company to create this Master Plan to guide how we develop campus space and campus resources in the future (think blueprint, but this goes beyond physical space)
  • We had our first joint meeting to talk about the Campus Master Plan – the focus was to talk about big picture projects at UTSW looking into the future 10+ years
  • Some exciting items are already set in stone, like developing a Cancer Center and a Brain Institute on campus. Other things we brought up – renovation to the carrel spaces and L Rooms, creating more group study space on campus, developing better transportation between buildings

Upcoming Things of Import

  • UWorld Discount – look for an email this week. There will be a survey and we need your feedback ASAP!
  • Faculty Excellence Reception (FER) Part II
    • Our next FER will not be until Nov/Dec, however, before we go off into summer and forget all of our professors from this semester, we are going to be sending out a RedCap to collect round 1 of votes. This will just take a minute to fill out.
    • Look for this in your inbox early next week
  • SLC Lunch this week will be with members of DIA. As always, if you have any questions for us, let us know.

This Week

  • Mon/Tues – Gross Pathology
  • Tuesday: M&M on clinical scheduling at 3 pm – this will be recorded if you cannot make it
  • Wednesday: Cabinet at 3 pm
  • Wed/Thurs from 3:30 to 5 Dr. Palmer will be in D1.100 to answer any renal questions you may have
  • Colleges: Check  your schedule
  • Friday
    • Simulation sessions
    • Class Pool Party thrown by your Senators at Med Park. Starts at 4 pm!


Looking forward to M&Ms,

Katherine and Reed


Weekly Events 5/16-5/22

All Week:

Monday 5/16:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
    • Gooch C2.106 Southwestern Christian Fellowship – Mike’s Chicken Provided
    • D1.104 Surgical Transplant Society – Pizza Provided
  2. 5:00pm Renal Tutoring in Room D1.102

Tuesday 5/17:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
    • Lymph Notes Performance in Student Center – Pizza Provided
  2. 3:00pm M&M Talk Regarding Scheduling in D1.700
  3. 5:00pm Renal Tutoring in D1.100

Wednesday 5/18:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
  2. 5:00pm Renal Tutoring in D1.100

Thursday 5/19:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
  2. 5:00pm Renal Tutoring in D1.100

Friday 5/20:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
  2. 4:00pm MedPark Pool Party and Cookout – RSVP on Facebook
  3. Deadline: DIA Committee Involvement Interest – Send Email to Evan Wright

Saturday 5/21:

Sunday 5/22:


Staying in the Loop

With 3 weeks in the semester, can we officially start the final countdown? 1 more quiz, 1  more gross path, 1 more small path, 1 more SIM, 1 more TBL, and 1 more exam to go until summer begins!

To celebrate Seldin’s College Cup victory, we have one of their very own winners featured on the blog this week. Maybe she and Bahir will share their awesome, award-winning guacamole recipe, too? Shout outs to Kristi Murphy and Luis Juarez-Contreras for their winning queso and salsa, respectively.

Student Profile: Rana Yazdani



Hometown: I’m from Allen, Texas. It’s about 20 miles north of where we are. We only have one high school, but it’s huge! We have the largest band in the nation and a 60 million dollar football stadium (it may or may not have cracks in it…).

Interests: I LOVE cooking and baking (and eating). I also enjoy playing piano, tennis, and painting.

Medical Interests: I’m open to a lot of fields of medicine, and I’ve enjoyed learning about everything so far. I think I’m most interested in ophthalmology and dermatology for now!

Fun Facts: When I was in summer camp growing up, they gave a superlative award to every kid who finished camp. I got two awards – best question asker and best pancake flipper. I definitely still have those awards somewhere in my house…


Important Things to Read Below:

  • The M&M on May 17th at 3 pm will be VERY important. This will offer our first in-depth look into the structure and schedule for our clinical rotation. Please make every attempt to be there
  • A few of you have asked us about discounts for UWorld and potentially other USMLE Step prep resources. The quick answer to this is that we are looking into deals, and are working on getting the ball rolling soon. Stay tuned for an email from us in the very near future.
  • News Alert for the women in our class, the bathroom across from Cary now has trash receptacles in the stalls. We have been asking for this since October, and finally they have arrived!

Upcoming Meetings

Our SLC lunch this week will be to discuss the development of the Campus Master Plan. More to come after the meeting on Thursday.

This Week

  • Colleges: Mentor’s Choice
  • Wednesday: Pulmonary Exam review at 3 pm in the TBL space
  • Friday
    • Quiz at 1 pm (or 1300 hours per Dr. Palmer)
    • Quiz Review at 3 pm

Stay Tuned,

Katherine and Reed


Weekly Events 5/9-5/15

All Week:


Monday 5/9:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
    • Gooch C2.106 Southwestern Christian Fellowship – Chick Fil A Provided
  2. 6:00pm Renal Tutoring in Room D1.102
  3. 6:00pm United to Serve Celebration Party in Faculty Club – For the RSVPed

Tuesday 5/10:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
  2. 5:00pm Renal Tutoring in D1.100
  3. 7:00pm Campus Orchestra Concert in Sanders Lounge – Snacks and Drinks Provided

Wednesday 5/11:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
  2. 3:00 Pulmonary Exam Review
  3. 5:00pm Renal Tutoring in D1.100

Thursday 5/12:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
  2. 5:00pm Renal Tutoring in D1.100

Friday 5/13:

  1. Lunch Meetings:
  2. Deadline: UT Southwestern “Study Break” Art Show Letter of Intent must be submitted to

Saturday 5/14:

Sunday 5/15:


May 5 Student Government Meeting Minutes

MS2019 Student Government Cabinet Meeting

Secretary: Hannah Justice

1:15pm Roll Call

Cheers and Jeers

  1. Cheers:
    • Mikey Kutschke: Cheers to Dr. Lee!
    • Evan Barrios: Cheers to United to Serve. We’re happy with community and volunteer turnout!
    • Caroline Flowers: The second floor ladies bathrooms now have trashcans in the stalls (been asking since October)!!!!
  2. Jeers
    • Katherine Pouns: Jeers to PPTs not being uploaded before class
    • Caroline Flowers: Jeers to Kidneys!


  1. Kaden’s Farm: Katherine Pouns
    • Please keep responding to the survey we sent out!
    • The event will occur Saturday at 4pm and is happening rain or shine.
    • Be there if you can!
  2. Charger/Standing Desks Proposal Submitted – Reed Macy
    • Thanks to everyone who read the proposal and came back with some feedback!
    • There will be a bit of a lag in response, but it seems pretty positive
    • Note: This is NOT set in stone. This is designed to be a test. Some money will be allocated to purchase chargers and standing desks and then the results will be evaluated.
  3. Constitution Update [Philadelphia Committee] – Evan Barrios and Alice Jean
    • Thank you for all the time and help and everyone who sent in feedback.
    • We’ve tried to come back with compromises so that everyone can be satisfied with the result.
    • Please feel free to approach the Committee afterwards and send them emails with any questions and comments.
    • They also just sent out a handbook that each student government member assisted in writing for next year’s student government members – the “survival guide” for student government.
    • The constitution is available and can be signed today if we’ve read and approve of the constitution.

Agenda Items

  1. Looking Ahead: Reed Macy and Katherine Pouns
    • There is one more cabinet meeting between now and the end of the school year.
    • What will be happening over the summer that falls within your roles? Let’s address things next meeting that may need to be discussed pre-summer or regarding next semester.
    • Ideas of Topics Needing Discussion: Electives, New Student Events and Issues, Other items
    • Plan ahead if you need to accomplish things involving other people and Katherine or Reed!
    • Reed and Katherine may set aside time or a few days where they are willing to meet with people to discuss summer planning and jobs.
    • Potential 2nd Potluck:
      1. This would possibly be on May 20th since it’s a Friday Sim Session. There’s nothing going on besides the required Sim lab.
      2. If you are interested we can get going and if you have ideas about themes or other aspects of it let them know.
      3. This is also in the budget!
      4. We can attempt to do 11:30-1:30 to hopefully accommodate everyone so people won’t miss it due to Sims.
      5. We could even do it outside to change up the scenery!
  2. Potential Fundraising Items [Antique Roadshow Committee] – Arjun Aggarwal and Cody Wolfe
    1. TBL approved water bottles
      • We are limited in style. Not all vendors offer all the options.
      • Logo design is important!
      • Prices are scaled to orders, so we would need to scale interest. Perhaps ask student center regarding incoming MS0s and their wants.
      • Mikey Kutschke – Let’s ensure that we have approval to use the logo.
      • Note: If we are making a profit, we have only one day a month to make money and collect it.
      • Arjun: Suzi says you can’t change certain aspects of the logo and you can’t put it into a new design. But we should check if we can sell and make money off the logo.
      • We can sell these for-profit or just shoot to break even.
      • To firm up the quotes: We need to know how much the budget will allow us to buy.
      • How much demand do you think is still out there for water bottles? There will be some demand, but we’ll likely sell more with the incoming class.
      • Is there a way to do it through the student center?
        1. We could do it through the student center with samples that incoming students can see.
        2. We could also have a baseline inventory we expect to sell out and then perhaps purchase more?
        3. Bethany Werner: We could likely say what brand we’re offering with a UTSW logo on it and people would know what to expect and make a choice regarding whether they want to purchase one.
      • Let them know what we know about demand for waterbottles – email Cody/Arjun.
    2. Class T-Shirts
      • There is a wide range of prices.
      • We want class t-shirts, but we need an idea of interest in formal vs funny and the type of shirt.
      • Do we want multiple designs or one design? Multiple designs would increase prices due to fewer purchases.
      • Do we want high quality or low quality material – again prices will reflect this.
      • What do we think is a good range of t-shirt prices?
        1. <$20. $10-15 definitely.
        2. A $20 shirt should not be funny though; people would want a more serious topic
      • What do you need from us?
        1. If you have design ideas let Arjun know or if you have feedback regarding kinds of t-shirts.
        2. We will likely do a FB poll regarding demand/interest.
  3. UWorld – Survey For Discount – Reed Macy
    • We will be checking out interest in a discount.
    • Assume you’ll have to cut a check by the end of the month if you want the discount.
    • Budget this! -> Look at what they offer and assume 5-10% discount.
    • If you pay, you must activate your account within 30 days so they realize you exist. However, activating your account isn’t the same as starting your time of study – you can choose when you begin your 6 months or your 12 months of usage.
    • Are there other things that you’ve heard people talk about that could possibly have a class discount? Let Reed and Katherine know!
  4. Budgetary Update – Reed Macy
    • A note on expenses: submit them!
    • We have updated quarterly finances – if you want a copy ask and Reed can email you one.
      1. Income: $0
      2. We started with $2430, the university gave $1900 and the rest was medical instrument sales.
      3. All college accounts are 100% except Fashena and Sprague. Senators – you have budgets! You can submit expenses!
      4. $100 was allocated for field day and nothing was put against that either. If you bought anything submit expenses!
        1. Evan Barrios: Field Day is covered by the Student Affairs Office apparently.
        2. We could possibly use money in the budget to incentivize participation in the future.
      5. We have approximately $400 in the general fund.
      6. The socials fund has been tapped out, but we are comfortable rebalancing if you have something you really want to do.
      7. Candlelight Vigil was underbudget by $4.
      8. Faculty Roast was underbudget by $17.
      9. Faculty Excellence reception was overbudget by $150 due to giving out plaques versus certificates. We may rework the budget to allow this again next year as we wanted to do something nicer for the faculty.
    • Catherine Flowers: Does the money to decorate carrels come from senator accounts or Pre-OP accounts? Can we get confirmation on that? Otherwise we can do an end of the year party with the budget!
  5. Evan Wright: DIA has Committees being made! Please get involved! Evan will send an email regarding this.
  6. Test Review for Pulmonology: Wednesday the 11th.
    • Currently, course directors are encouraging more redcap response by withholding the exam review until REDCAP reaches 75%. We are currently at 50%.



Here’s a quarter to call your mama

… but seriously call her on Sunday because it is Mother’s Day!

Back from a golden weekend and tackling the next big thing – renal.

Shout out to all of those who spent their Saturday (and countless hours leading up to it) at United to Serve. Amongst the many volunteers, we are featuring Jordan this week!

Student Profile: Jordan Hoese

Hometown: I never know what to say! I’m originally from Moorpark, California, and have spent most of my life in Southern California. But I went to high school in San Antonio, Texas, and my parents live there now! You pick.
Interests: I love anything active and outdoors! Running, hiking, and yoga are my favorite. I also love to travel and explore new places. I’d never been to Dallas before moving here for medical school, so I’ve been trying to make it a point to explore my new surroundings as much as possible. 🙂 I will also never turn down drinking large amounts of black coffee and watching too much Netflix. Also playing guitar. I like to do a lot of things.
Interests in Medicine: See above re: I like to do a lot of things. I really like public health, global health, and academic medicine. I also like the idea of being able to handle any type of patient who walks in the door, so probably something general! Internal Medicine. Maybe Med-Peds? Family? Who knows. 🙂
Fun Facts: I don’t have a roommate, but I have three aggressively friendly and cuddly cats! If anyone ever needs some pet therapy my door is open. 🙂

IT Updates

  • Concern that apps were not working on UTWPA2 because they were not “Proxy-aware”
  • The following apps should now work: MS Outlook, Facebook Messenger, Spotify (note Facebook logine will not work but an actual Spotify account should, SnapChat, Netflix, Gmail, Apple Mail, Apple FaceTime
  • You must still configure your settings for use with our proxy!
    • You should select auto proxy using a pac file URL. It will be found in the advanced settings of your connection.
    • You will need to use in the settings.
    • Information can be found here to set that up: Link
  • If you have your personal email setup in Outlook or Apple Mail it should also now be functional on Southwestern’s Wi-Fi as they will now not be blocked
  • For assistance, please contact the IR Service Desk at 214-648-7600.


This Week

  • Colleges Cup – congratulations to Seldin!
  • Thursday – Cabinet at 1:15 and happy Cinco de Mayo
  • Friday Quiz in the afternoon, weird, right?
  • Saturday – Kaden’s Party please RSVP
  • Sunday – Mother’s Day

In the Works

  • Charging station

Back to the books,

Katherine and Reed